Horror.City Equipment

AKG D790 (1)
Blue Encore (6)
MXL FR350 (2)
MXL V250 (1)
MXL R80 (2)
Sennheiser e935 (1)
Various contact and specialty microphones for foley/sound effects work

Mixing Boards
Behringer Xenyx X1832
Mackie ProFX8 (2)

KRK Rokit 5 (2)

Rack Hardware
Alesis Miltimix 6 Cue
Behringer Ultragain Digital
Behringer Multigate Pro
Behringer Virtualizer 3D
Furman Power
Tascam TA-1VP

External Hardware

Akai MPX8
Alesis ControlPad
Art Tube MP Studio Preamp (2)
Behringer B-Control BCR-2000
Korg Kaoss Pad Quad
Korg Nanokey2
M-Audio Oxygen25
Pioneer RMX-1000
Roland SP-555
Roland VT-3

Audio Edit/Producing Software
Adobe Audition
Cakewalk Sonar Platinum
FL Studio

Dedicated Audio Processors
Digital Brain Instruments Talkie Box 2
Digital Brain Instruments Voxpat
Krotos Dehumaniser Pro

VST Effects
Accusonus ERA-D
Air Music Technology Loom
Air Music Technology Hybrid 3
AudioAssault Headcrusher
Cableguys FilterShaper 3
Camel Audio CamelPhat3
Empirical Labs Arousor
Heavyocity Punish
iZotope Nectar Elements
iZotope Stutter Edit
IZotope BreakTweaker
Lexicon MPXNative Reverb
McDSP ML8000
Metric Halo Haloverb
Native Instruments Kontakt
Nugen Audio Halo Upmix
Output Movement
Sonic Charge Bitspeek
SONiVOX Vocalizer Pro
SoundRadix SurferEQ
SoundToys Little Altar Boy
SoundToys SieQ
SoundToys Tremolator
UVI SparkVerb
Voxengo Elephant
Voxengo MSED
Waves Doppler
Waves Pusher
Waves SuperTap
XILS-lab XILS 5000

Audio Services/Accounts
Audio Jungle
EastWest Composer Cloud
Motion Array

All equipment and software owned by Jonas Stoltz/Secryt Labs/Horror.City Studios. We believe in full ownership of all software ~ piracy or theft is never an option.

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